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Beyond the Grave: A Jury of Her Peers 

As so often happens, my research for the upcoming Love Well, Love War blogs is taking me in unexpected directions. While I find my way, please enjoy meeting one of the colonial women I was reminded of while researching the Location, … Continue reading

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When Church Was State

While Capt. Gyles and company built Fort George, the Pejepscot Proprietors continued to plan the physical layout and municipal setup of the two towns on opposite banks of the Androscoggin River. These they named Brunswick, after the king’s Braunschweig family … Continue reading

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Anastasie, épouse de feu Eustache Martin

When Brunswick farmer Eustache Eusebe Martin Sr died suddenly in early 1915, his widow Anastasie, who had never held a job outside the home and spoke little English, had to figure out how to care for her brood. She and … Continue reading

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Jotham Varney, Father

What kind of man was Jotham Varney, the father of Viola (Varney) Phipps and Laura (Varney) Strout, two independent 19th century women described in a previous blog, The Unvarnished Truth About the Varney Sisters)? You be the judge. Jotham Varney (1803-1879) … Continue reading

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Finding Frances

When Brunswick’s Director of Planning and Development, Anna Breinich, recently packed to move to the new town offices on Union Street she came across an unusual item: an eight-by-twelve inch tombstone engraved with the name Frances. A note on the … Continue reading

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It Happened in 1916

I’m always on the lookout for gravestones with variations of my mother’s maiden name, Purinton. I was particularly intrigued by a Maquoit Cemetery stone for a Purington family on which seven of the eight death dates were 1916. I speculated … Continue reading

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Revealing Hidden Stories

Brunswick has a baker’s dozen of small family burying grounds or single graves on private property. These hidden burying places represent stories of historical and sociological importance. One such story is that of Francis and Mahitable Heuston. Francis Heuston (1765-1858) … Continue reading

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Chapters From the Family Plot

My mother-in-law, Marie Anne, often told me of those buried in her family’s plot: the handsome, fun-loving younger brother killed in a car crash; the aunt who passed while on a visit from Canada; her father who dropped dead of … Continue reading

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Would You Name Your Son After the Governor of Maine?

During my cemetery travels I’ve become acquainted with communities I might otherwise have missed. As I learn about people, I visit their gravesites and the neighborhoods where they lived to better understand their lives. One such group is Bath-Brunswick’s African … Continue reading

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