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Twice on Sunday: Part 2

  The settlers continued their long sit on the hard wooden benches, inside the First Parish Meeting House. Some of them sat stiffly upright, others, particularly the youngest, wiggled and squirmed. The sun beat down on the building, and thus … Continue reading

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When Church Was State

While Capt. Gyles and company built Fort George, the Pejepscot Proprietors continued to plan the physical layout and municipal setup of the two towns on opposite banks of the Androscoggin River. These they named Brunswick, after the king’s Braunschweig family … Continue reading

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Beyond the Grave: The more they come, the worse it is.

I started this blog to share the origins of a particular Brunswick cemetery or an interesting personal story of someone buried there. When I search beyond the graveyard to provide historical context to these stories, I sometimes gain new insight … Continue reading

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