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David Dunning’s Net Worth

When Ulster Scots came to Maine in the early 1700s, the harsh conditions here in many ways echoed those they had left in Northern Ireland. Some resources in the American colonies were more abundant, some less, but one was completely … Continue reading

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A Slave to Money

During Lovewell’s War, some families left the Brunswick area for safer communities. Many, though, chose to stay and take their chances. Those who remained found that, over all, the wins of life at Pejepscot seemed to outnumber the losses. During … Continue reading

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Winners and Losers: Part 2-The Rest of the Story

When the British won new territory at the end of Lovewell’s War, they lauded and rewarded three key players who rid the British of two enemies, Wabanaki leader Obomsawin and Frenchman Father Sebastien Rale. Two of the heroes were Captains … Continue reading

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Pine Grove Cemetery Civil War Tour

  It’s summer in Maine and that means it’s time for Pejepscot Historical Society’s Summer Walking Tours. I hope you’ll join me Sunday, Aug. 13th, at 10 am for African Americans, Abolitionists, and Southern Ship Masters, a Civil War tour … Continue reading

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Winners and Losers: Part 1–The Captains at Fort George

Throughout the 1600s, war between France and Great Britain that had originated first in Europe or on the high seas spilled over into the American colonies. During these conflicts, allies from various Native tribes aided either the French or British, … Continue reading

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Beyond the Grave: Alternative Facts?

Winners, they say, write history. As the heroes of their own narratives, winners are wont to pick and choose information that supports their worldview and flatters their egos. As their stories are told and retold over generations, the narratives change … Continue reading

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Love Well, Love War: Part 3: Lovewell’s War

The latest colonial war raged on several fronts, with battles erupting at the French/English borderlands in Vermont, Massachusetts, Maine, and Nova Scotia. In Maine, soldiers trekked constantly between the forts in Brunswick and Richmond, both owned by the Pejepscot Proprietors. … Continue reading

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