Photo Courtesy of David Whiteside

Headstone of: Mr. Hugh White, Deacon David Giveen, Mrs. Mary Giveen. First Parish Cemetery, Brunswick, Maine. By David Whiteside. c 2010.


In 2000, volunteers in Brunswick, Maine, endeavored to survey different kinds of open space ranging from scenic vistas to baseball fields. One special type of open space we inventoried was cemeteries. I thought we’d find maybe 10 of them and I’d be done my part of the survey in one summer. That was nearly two decades ago and we’re up to almost 40 cemeteries and burying places. Some are single headstones hidden in the woods. Others are traditional family burial grounds on early farms. Still others are larger with grand monuments and ancient shade trees.

Join me as I post stories of those who came before us and whose work and strength of character created the community and families so dear to us.

Enjoy ~ Barbara A. Desmarais

3 Responses to About

  1. Donald Hultquist says:

    I have a photo (from a Brunswick cemetery near Bowdoin College) of the large gravestones of Col. William Stanwood (d. 1829 at age 77)) and his wife, Hannah, (died 1823 at age 62). Could you please inform me of the name of that cemetery? William “sold” the College large tracts of land in 1796, 1798, and 1808. I wish to make contact with a group that honors the memory of the early Stanwood family.

    Thank you,

    Donald Hultquist

    • Hi, Donald.

      That cemetery is Pine Grove Cemetery, which is on former college land donated for the cemetery. Perhaps Bowdoin College is aware of Stanwood groups. (FYI – I answered your email previously from the Brunswick Cemeteries account, but the account isn’t functioning properly. My apologies.)


  2. Donald Hultquist says:


    Thanks for the information. I will contact the college to see if they have contacts with descendants of William and Hannah Stanwood.


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