What Happened to Charles and Grace After Pine View Farm?

Charles & Grace Jordan with Bonnie-Bell at Pine View Farm

Charles & Grace Jordan with Bonnie-Bell at Pine View Farm

In 1943, 1956, and 1957 the United States of America bought Pine View Farm a piece at a time, until it was gone, having become part of the Naval Air Station Brunswick. My great aunt, Grace Purinton, received a total of $12,225 for the family homestead.

3 Wilson Ave, Brunswick, ME

3 Wilson Ave, Brunswick, ME

With part of the funds, she and her husband, Charles, bought the house at 5 Wilson Ave., geographically a straight shot down Old Gurnet Rd. from their former farm, but in reality, a world away. To visit friends in the old neighborhood or place flowers at New Meadows Cemetery, they now had to drive all the way around the Naval Air Station.

Grace Jordan, wife of Charles Jordan

Grace Jordan, wife of Charles Jordan

This inconvenience was short-lived, however. Grace had developed diabetes. In the summer of 1958, after losing a leg to the disease, she died at age 69. In short order, Charles sold the Wilson Ave. cape and moved to his son Robert’s home in Portland where he died in 1960 at age 90. The couple’s obituaries seem to reflect their widely different personalities, with Grace’s detailing her social activities and Charles’s sticking to the barest facts.

Charles and Grace obitsSo ends the saga of Pine View Farm, Grace (Purinton) Jordan (1889-1958), and Charles M. Jordan (1879-1960).


  • Pine View Farm tells the story of the Purinton family homestead at New Meadows, Brunswick, being taken as part of Naval Air Station Brunswick.
  • Great Island Road, Merriconeag Road, and Old Gurnet Road are essentially one and the same as used in this blog post.


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