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Between a Rock and a Hard Place

In 1891 workers uncovered the earliest organized cemetery in Brunswick. The Brunswick Telegraph reported: In moving the old boarding house that has stood so long on Mill Hill and digging for the foundation for the new Cabot mill, on Tuesday … Continue reading

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The Quilted Invitation

Readers of this blog met the Desmarais family in the January 2014 post entitled “Chapters From the Family Plot.” “The Quilted Invitation,” which first appeared in the Maine Times “Back of the Book” in August 1997, took place just a few weeks … Continue reading

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The Fabric of Community

In the part of Brunswick once called New Meadows, farmers milked cows, millers ground grain, masons laid bricks, and carriage makers fashioned iron wheels. These were the men. Bakers made bread, weavers spun cloth, butchers cut chickens, healers nursed the … Continue reading

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